Auxiliary equipment for welding production line

Brand: Sanfeng
Place of Origin: Hebei, China
Condition: New
Payment Terms: TT , LC , Others

Composition of equipment

1. Special equipment for DC speed regulation

- KTWS DC speed control equipment adopts standard cabinet and cabinet frame structure. It uses 590 series controller as the core component and is equipped with corresponding components to form a complete control system.

- Use AC 110V to 500V 3-phase power, frequency range 45~65Hz. Provide DC voltage and current, used to control armature and excitation, suitable for separately excited DC motors and permanent magnet motors.

- It can provide forward and reverse control functions, one is realized by changing the excitation direction of the motor, and the other is realized by changing the direction of armature voltage by two-stage anti-parallel thyristor bridge.

- KTWS DC speed control equipment has the function of excitation adjustment and consists of a single-phase full-wave half-controlled bridge. It can provide a fixed excitation voltage source or current source to complete the constant torque mode; it can also provide an adjustable field weakening range to complete the constant power operation mode.

2. Adjusting bracket

2-D adjusting bracket: suitable for HF induction welding, used for the installation and adjustment of the inverter output cabinet, and can adjust the position of the sensor in the front and back, left and right directions.

3-D adjusting bracket:suitable for induction welding/contact welding, used for the installation and adjustment of the inverter output cabinet, and the position of the sensor can be adjusted up and down, front and rear, and left and right directions.

3. Central console

The console achieves remote control and power regulation of solid-state HF welder, installed with LCD ;also it has indicators of armature voltage, field voltage on DC drive cabinet and indicators of DC voltage, DC current on welder. Installation of power-speed closed loop control function is optional. The console has design difference according to different types and quantities of matching DC drive cabinet.

4. Cooling system

Air-water cooling equipment

- Air-water cooling equipment (not recommended, unless the customer uses water unconditionally).

Working principle:

- The cooling water is driven by the system circulation pump and circulates between the inside of the heat exchanger coil and the inside of the equipment, and the heat of the cooling water is conducted to the pipe wall. The spray water is evenly sprayed on the heat exchanger, and the cold air enters the tower from the bottom of the tower under the action of the fan, and flows back to the surface of the heat exchanger with the spray water. The spray water fully absorbs the heat of the coil and flows into the bottom of the tower. The water tank is transported to the spray system by the spray pump. Repeatedly, the cooling water in the heat exchanger is cooled down.


- It is composed of shell, heat exchanger, fan, spray system, circulating pump, electric control and other parts.


- This system adopts a fully enclosed cycle, distilled water cooling (to avoid scaling).

- High heat dissipation efficiency and low operating cost.

- Small footprint.

Water-water cooling equipment 

- The water-water cooling system is composed of heat exchanger with the adoption of the special corrugated structure which makes the soft water form sharp turbulent flow in order to strengthen heat exchange.The system holds the advantages of compact design, small area occupation, convenient dismounting and high efficiency of heat exchange. Only with the ability of heat exchange but not cooling, it is necessary to use extremal circulation system to accomplish the heat exchange.

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