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Constantly improve and enhance the performance of Henan high frequency welding machine components and systems

  High-frequency welding machine atomic energy technology space technology computer technology microelectronics technology and other developments again hydraulic technology to move forward, so that it has developed into a complete automation technology, including transmission control detection, so that it has been used in all aspects of the national economy. Hydraulic and pneumatic transmission in some areas even has an overwhelming advantage. For example, foreign production of process machinery of CNC machining pieces above the automatic line are used hydraulic and pneumatic transmission, Figure, so the degree of use of hydraulic and pneumatic transmission has now become an important symbol to measure the level of an industry Currently, hydraulic and pneumatic transmission technology in the realization of high-power rate low noise high pressure high speed durable highly integrated miniaturization intelligent and other requirements have made significant progress in Improve the proportional control he service control digital control and other technologies also have many new achievements.

  In addition, in the hydraulic components and hydraulic system computer-aided design computer simulation and optimization, as well as computer control and other developmental research, more and more show significant achievements in various sectors of the machinery industry, the use of hydraulic and pneumatic transmission starting point is not the same: there is the use of its advantages in the manipulation control, such as machine tools using hydraulic transmission because it can work in the process of stepless variable speed easy to achieve Frequent change of China's hydraulic industry began in the century, its products were used only for machine tools and forging equipment, and later high-frequency welding machine gradually applied to the tractor and construction machinery. Since the introduction of some hydraulic components production technology from abroad and self-designed hydraulic products, China's hydraulic parts production has formed a series of products from low pressure to high pressure, and in a variety of mechanical equipment has been widely used. The century since the more accelerated the introduction of foreign advanced hydraulic products and technology, digestion and localization of the planned work to ensure that China's hydraulic technology can catch up with the world level in all aspects of product quality, economic efficiency, personnel training, research and development, etc. Today, in order to keep pace with the development of new technologies, hydraulic technology continues to innovate, and constantly improve and improve the performance of high-frequency welding components and systems to meet the increasingly changing market demand.

  The continuous development of hydraulic technology is reflected in the following more important features to improve the performance of components, innovative new components, and constantly realize miniaturization and miniaturization and microelectronics technology combined, towards intelligent and highly combined integration and modularization research and development of special transmission media, and promote the diversification of working media classroom discussion: the operating pressure of the hydraulic system depends on the external load, the speed of the actuating element depends on the flow rate, case analysis case hydraulic jack. Hydraulic jack small piston diameter, stroke, large piston diameter, weight, lever ratio for the liquid pressure in the sealed volume, lever end applied force, the rise height of the weight This chapter summary This chapter introduces the basic concept of hydraulic and pneumatic transmission working principle system composition graphic symbols, hydraulic transmission of domestic and foreign development status level and development trend, and the characteristics and applications of hydraulic transmission hydraulic and pneumatic transmission is the use of Liquid or gas as the working medium, and the use of the pressure of the working medium to drive power hydraulic transmission system consists of power components actuating elements control elements auxiliary components and oil medium five parts, while the pneumatic system on the basis of this increased part of the logic components.