Copper tube HF induction heating machine

Brand: Sanfeng
Place of Origin: Hebei, China
Condition: New
Payment Terms: TT , LC , Others


According to the production process of copper pipes, severe plastic deformation is usually produced during the cold forming process, which significantly changes the physical properties of the material, such as hardness and grain uniformity. Annealing technology is generally used to change it. Traditional annealing methods usually use off-line roller hearth furnaces or pit furnaces for annealing. These two methods have problems such as high energy consumption, unstable mechanical properties, and complex process flow.

The copper tube on-line annealing solid-state induction heating equipment provided by the supplier is to heat the copper tube as a whole according to the above requirements. This kind of annealing equipment has the characteristics of small footprint, low energy consumption, high production efficiency, and high yield, and has been widely used Used in non-ferrous metal pipe heat treatment production line.

Composition of equipment

1. Heating power supply structure design scheme

- The switch cabinet and power cabinet are designed in an integrated manner.

- The power supply adopts series full bridge resonance mode.

- The heating power supply main cabinet is designed as a sealed structure, which effectively prevents dust and impurities from entering the cabinet.

- The ends of the inlet and outlet pipes are flanged and made of stainless steel.

- The power cabinet enters and exits 1.5 inches


2. Heating sensor design scheme

- The heating sensor is installed in the sensor cabinet with a sealed design.

- The heating inductor is equipped with an insulating and heat-insulating ceramic tube bushing (matching the inductor).

- The design of the total length of the heating furnace: According to the size provided by the user on-site, both parties negotiate and determine.

- The sensor is wound with a 15×15×1.5mm square copper tube. There are two specifications for the sensor. The inner diameter is φ28mm, which is suitable for pipes with diameters of φ6-φ12mm. The inner diameter is φ42mm, which is suitable for annealing pipes with a diameter of φ12-φ20mm.

- The sensor is equipped with a high temperature resistant insulating resin tube bushing (matching with the sensor).

3. Central console

- Equipped with LCD screen, power adjustment, motor speed adjustment module, fully realize centralized control of welded pipe production line.

- Display and alarm device — DC voltage and current indication, armature voltage and current display of the DC speed control cabinet, excitation voltage and current display.

4. Water-to-water heat exchanger

- Composition: plate heat exchanger, water tank, water pump and electrical control part

- Using a closed cycle, using external water (ordinary water) to cool the internal water (distilled water) cooling method, no scaling.

- Heat exchanger fins — High heat dissipation efficiency and low operating cost. This configuration is recommended for high-power and high-frequency equipment.

- Stainless steel water pump and copper pipe — almost no pollution

- Stainless steel water tank with a level switch — easy to check the water level

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