DC speed regulating equipment

Brand: Sanfeng
Place of Origin: Hebei, China
Condition: New
Payment Terms: TT , LC , Others

DC speed regulating equipment

- KTWS DC speed control equipment adopts standard cabinet and cabinet frame structure. It uses 590 series controller as the core component and is equipped with corresponding components to form a complete control system.

- Use AC 110V to 500V 3-phase power, frequency range 45~65Hz. Provide DC voltage and current, used to control armature and excitation, suitable for separately excited DC motors and permanent magnet motors.

- It can provide forward and reverse control functions, one is realized by changing the excitation direction of the motor, and the other is realized by changing the direction of armature voltage by two-stage anti-parallel thyristor bridge.

- KTWS DC speed control equipment has the function of excitation adjustment and consists of a single-phase full-wave half-controlled bridge. It can provide a fixed excitation voltage source or current source to complete the constant torque mode; it can also provide an adjustable field weakening range to complete the constant power operation mode.

Daily maintenance of speed control equipment

- The speed control equipment should be kept clean, and the working environment should be cleaned frequently.

- Regular insulation measurements should be made for reactors and excitation transformers, and those that do not meet the requirements should be handled in time.

-  The selection of the quick-blow fuse should be based on the controller. Don't choose too large, so as not to burn the controller.

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