HF induction heat treatment device for aluminum tube

Brand: Sanfeng
Place of Origin: Hebei, China
Condition: New
Payment Terms: TT , LC , Others

The technological requirements

- Heating material:aluminum

- specifications:ODφ6~φ20mm, T 0.7-1.5mm.

- Heating temperature:meet the process requirements, the highest temperature 475℃.(Design according to customer requirements)

- Speed of annealing:8~40m/min (Design according to customer requirements)

- Working status:continuous working system

- The inductor is made of copper pipe, which can be divided into two specifications. The inner diameter is 28mm, suitable for 6-12mm diameter pipe.Inside diameter 42mm, suitable for annealing tubes with diameter 12-20mm.

Design parameter

- Nominal power:100kW

- Rated dc power:Pd=100kW

- Rated dc voltage:UdN=450V

- Rated dc current:IdN=220A

- Power supply efficiency:η≥85%

- Output power:Pout>100kW

- Design frequency:f=200~300kHz

- MOSFET inverter:60kW×2

- Output form of slot way:No output welding transformer, secondary resonance

Distribution requirements

- nominal power:100kW

- Rated dc power:Pd=100kW

- Rated power factor:COSφ≥0.9

- Distribution capacity:S≥250kVA

- Service voltage:3 phases 380V/50Hz

- Into the line current:I=170A

Circulating soft water cooling system(Water. Water cooling system)

- Water - water heat exchanger

- Internal circulation water pressure:0.15~0.25MPa

- Internal circulation water flow:15m³/h

- Water outlet temperature of inner circulating water: ≤40℃

- Inner circulating water return water temperature:≤45℃

- Heat exchanger area:≥6m²

- External circulation water flow:≥15m³/h

- External circulation water inlet temperature:≤35℃

- Intake water pressure:0.20~0.3MPa(2.0~3kg/cm²)

Equipment composition

-Solid state induction heating equipment;

-Water to water heat exchanger;

-PLC Control desk;

-Heating inductor

Guide the buyer to install equipment and be responsible for equipment debugging

Provide perfect after - sale service and permanent technical consultation

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