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Aluminum spacer bar manufactures machine,Circuit simple, easy installation.Save energy.

Aluminum spacer has been widely used in insulating glass window and door. High frequency aluminum spacer bar manufacture adopt the advanced new technology as no water welding and high quality high frequency welding power supply with ripe and precise manufacturing and processing methods, it suitable for many sizes of insulated glass aluminum spacer bar. It’s characteristic as follow:

1.Process flow: Uncoiler – loading – forming – high frequency welding – scraper – sizing – straightening – flying saw – lay off table.

2.Composition of production line: Uncoiler, tube mill, solid state high frequency welder, straightening and shaping machine, flying saw.

3.High frequency welder use chopped wave type high frequency power supply, welding speed 100-120 M/Min.

4.The requirement of aluminum spacer:

A.   Wall thickness: Wall thickness must between 0.2-0.35mm, the maximum deviation is±0.025mm.

B.   Curvature: Spacer should no hard bending and side bending (beside bending radian of free droop).

C.   Appearance: Surface is flat and smooth, no bump, pore uniformity and orderliness.