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High-output solid-state welders

1)More yield: Continuous electronic burden coordinating makes sure about full force yield across a wide scope of cylinder sizes. 

2)More up time: Short-circuit-verification, protected and solid activity. 

3)Unrivaled proficiency: Diode rectifier with a steady force factor of 0.95 at all force levels, and an effectiveness factor of 85-87%. 

4)Eco and energy neighborly: High productivity saves energy and decreases cooling water utilization. 

5)Easy to work: A simple to-utilize control board with at least manual settings makes the Weld ac incredibly simple to work. 

6)Wide scope of intensity sizes: From 50 kW up to 2200 kW. A recurrence scope of 60-500 kHz. 

7)Modern particular plan: The little, minimized impression saves important floor-space and streamlines in-line reconciliation. Up to 1100 kW accessible in a one-bureau arrangement. 

8)Complete framework: Consisting of a diode rectifier, inverter modules, yield segment, transport bar and administrator control framework. 

9)Unmatched guarantee: Five-year guarantee on Weldac inverter modules and driver cards. 

10)Full scope of consumables: Coils, waste, hinders and cylinder scarfing hardware.