Intermediate frequency induction heating equipment

Brand: Sanfeng
Place of Origin: Hebei, China
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The thyristor intermediate frequency power supply is a static frequency conversion device that converts the power frequency 50Hz (or 60Hz) three-phase AC electrical energy into a single-phase intermediate frequency AC electrical energy.

The thyristor intermediate frequency power supply is actually an AC-DC-AC converter, and its basic principle is shown in Figure 1.

The three-phase power frequency current becomes a pulsating direct current after rectification, and becomes a smoother direct current after filtering, and then is converted into an intermediate frequency current of a certain frequency range by an inverter to supply the load (induction coil) to heat the metal workpiece.

The main purpose

- On-line annealing and on-line quenching and tempering of steel pipe welds.

- Metal smelting, heat preservation, welding, metal diathermy, tempering and other heat treatment.

- Induction heating occasions where the workpiece is indirectly heated by graphite crucible, metal crucible, metal pipe, etc.

The main purpose design

- Power source: 3-phase four-wire 380V, 50Hz (can be designed and manufactured according to user power supply system)

- Oscillation power: 160-600kW

- Oscillation frequency: 500-3000Hz

- Cooling method: water cooling

- Water pressure: 0.15-0.2Mpa/cm2

- Water quality requirements: Hardness <0.017 mg/cm³; Resistivity> 4ΚΩ. cm

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