Low Carbon Steel Pipes Production Line

Brand: Sanfeng
Place of Origin: Hebei, China
Condition: New
Payment Terms: TT , LC , Others

Material: Q195, Q235 Carbon steel, HRS, CRS

Product specification: 32mm 50mm 76mm 89mm 102mm 127mm 165mm 219mm 254mm 325mm 426mm 508mm 610mm 720mm

This equipment is specially used for producing high-frequency straight seam welded pipe and corresponding square pipe and special-shaped pipe. The composition of equipment is from uncoiler to fixed length cutting saw .Rolling speed can be adjusted correspondingly within suitable range of pipe diameter and wall thickness.

Application: GI,Construction,Automotive,General Mechanical tubing,Furniture, Agriculture,Chemistry,Oil,Gas, Conduit, Construction.

Working production flow

Raw material (steel strip coil) →decoiler→shear and butt-welder→strip accumulator→passively leveling→forming machine→high frequency welding →remove the burrs outside→spraying cooling →sizing machine→straightening→fixed length cutting →run out table→finished tube

Brief introduction of each part

1. Uncoiler

Uncoiler is the important equipment in steel pipe making line, the function is to support the strip coil and expand the strip coil, so strip can enter into machine to roll forming. safety and reliable

2. Hydraulic shear、Co2welding machine

It is used to shearing the head and the end of the steel strip of two steel coil, cutting off the irregular part then welding two steel strip, so machine can working continuously.

3. Horizontal accumulator

The working principle is: feeding device press the steel strip, feeding motor driven the feeding roller and feeding the steel strip into accumulator. Main motor driven the transfer roller rotating, storing the steel strip in accumulator. Accumulator will stop when one steel coil finished, waiting the next steel coil.

4. Forming and sizing machine

(1)Forming machine

The function of this part is to make the steel strip become to the tube blank by forming rollers

(2)Guiding 、extruding、 scraping:

The function of this part is to centering the welding seam and guiding the tube blank to extruding device, so the welding seam will be closed before welding .  Use planer tool to remove the crater to insure the welding surface is smooth.

(3)Cooling system:adopt water tank spraying type to make sure the tube blank is cooling enough.

(4)Sizing machine

The function of this part is used to finishing the tube blank from the forming machine, so the tube size can meet the physical dimension customer required

5. Computer cutting saw:     

The function of this part is to cutting the length of finished tube as customer wanted

6. Run out table:

This unit is to convey the finished pipe to packing, pipe transmit by dynamic roll. A signal sensing device installed in the end of run out table, when pipe touch the signal sensing device, it will feedback the signal to control panel, control panel start working and discharge the pipe. This Run out table is double side type, customer can setting the direction they want. 

7. High frequency induction welding machine(solid state)

The solid-state high frequency welder device is designed for the induction (contact) welding of steel pipes.

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