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Solid State hf Welder

High recurrence welding machine is not the same as other welding machines, its capacity and use isn't only a solitary welding. High recurrence welding machine can not exclusively be utilized for the welding of different metal materials, yet in addition can be utilized for diathermy, purifying, heat treatment and different cycles. Welding is only one of its numerous USES. The working rule is as per the following: right off the bat, a bunch of one of a kind electronic circuits are utilized in the high-recurrence welding machine to change over the low-recurrence exchanging current (50Hz) contribution from the force network into high-recurrence rotating current (for the most part over 20000Hz). After the high-recurrence current is added to the inductance curl (that is, enlistment loop), it is changed over into the high-recurrence attractive field by electromagnetic acceptance standard and ACTS on the metal item in the attractive field. By utilizing vortex current impact, instigated current is produced in metal body which is relative to the attractive field power. As the swirl courses through the metal body, heat is produced by the warm impact guideline of the current, with the assistance of the characteristic opposition esteem inside. This warmth is produced straightforwardly inside the article. Subsequently, the warming pace is quick and the productivity is high. Can right away dissolve any metal. What's more, the warming rate and temperature can be controlled. This gear is particularly appropriate for heat treatment, extinguishing, tempering, metal diathermy producing, expulsion forming, patch welding, and so on Producing industry 1, plate warming, bowing framing. 2. Diathermy shaping of standard parts and clasp. 3, metal instruments diathermy, for example, pincers, wrench and other warming diathermy framing. 4, metal investigation bar tighten handle expulsion. 5, steel pipe diathermy shaping, for example, elbow. 

Fundamental boundary altering 

High-recurrence enlistment input voltage single-stage 220v50-60hz single-stage 220v50-60hz three-stage 220v50-60hz three-stage 220v50-60hz 

The yield wavering force is 15KVA 25KVA 

Impermanent stacking rate 80%30℃ 

In general measurement 1000x750x1750mm 

Weight 230KG 250KG 

The edge of the wire is 5 meters in length