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Solid state high frequency carbon steel tube welder


The solid-state high frequency welder tool is made for the induction (get in touch with) welding of steel pipelines. The high-power capacitor financial institution C and the inductor L create a current-type parallel boost resonant circuit. This circuit appropriates for high-frequency bonded pipelines with reduced load impedance and does not require a result transformer, which not just improves effectiveness, but likewise boosts the dependability of the whole device.

Quick Details

Relevant Industries: Manufacturing Plant

After Warranty Service: Video technical support, Online support, Spare components, Field maintenance and repair service

Condition: New.

Place of Origin: Hebei, China.


Power:60 -1800 KW.

Certification: ISO9001, CE.

Key Selling Points: Easy to Operate.

Air conditioner input:3 AIR CONDITIONER 380V 50/60Hz.

Power performance: ≥ 85%.

working obligation: continuous functioning responsibility.

welding type: induction welding or get in touch with welding.

cooling mode: water-water or air-water.

shape of tube: round/rectangular/special area.

Warranty:12 months because the day of certified commissioning.

DC power supply cupboard

- The feature of switch closet and also rectification control are integrated right here as a whole. - a3-phase thyrlstor remedying bridge to accomplish power modification of the HF welder.

Inverter outcome cabinet

- MOSFET single-Phase inverter bridges linked in parallel.

- The inverter bridge embraces drawer type style as well as the foundation approach to understand power superposition.

- Secondary resonance is utilized LC parallel resonance.

- The outcome arm provides needed power transmission for pipe welding. Sealed equipment closet with air conditioner.

Central console

- Equipped with LCD display, power change, electric motor speed adjustment module, fully understand systematized control of welded pipeline production line.

- Display and also alarm system gadget-- DC voltage and current indicator, armature voltage and also present display of the DC speed control cupboard, excitation voltage as well as present screen.

Cooling system( option).

Air-water air conditioning equipment.

-- Air-water cooling tools (not suggested, unless the customer uses water unconditionally).

Functioning principle:.

-- The cooling water is driven by the system circulation pump and flows between the inside of the warm exchanger coil as well as the inside of the devices, and the warmth of the cooling water is performed to the pipe wall. The spray water is uniformly splashed on the warmth exchanger, as well as the cool air enters the tower from the bottom of the tower under the action of the fan, and flows back to the surface area of the warm exchanger with the spray water. The spray water completely absorbs the warmth of the coil and also flows into all-time low of the tower. The water container is transported to the spray system by the spray pump. Consistently, the cooling water in the warm exchanger is cooled down.


-- It is made up of shell, warmth exchanger, fan, spray system, circulating pump, electrical control as well as various other components.


-- This system adopts a fully encased cycle, pure water cooling (to avoid scaling).

-- High warm dissipation effectiveness and also reduced operating cost.

-- Small impact.

Water-water cooling devices.

- Composition: plate warm exchanger, water tank, water pump as well as electric control part.

- Using a shut cycle, using outside water (normal water) to cool down the internal water (pure water) cooling method, no scaling.

- Heat exchanger fins-- High heat dissipation effectiveness as well as reduced operating expense. This setup is recommended for high-power and high-frequency equipment.

- Stainless steel water pump and also copper pipe-- almost no pollution.

- Stainless steel water tank with a level switch-- simple to examine the water level.

Rectifier transformers.

The rectifier transformer is the rectifier part of the tools incoming line. The power supply voltage is decreased from 415V to 200V, which makes sure the stable power supply of the devices, and likewise plays a role in isolation of the power grid.