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The working principle of high frequency machine is

 High-frequency welding is not only in the manufacture of "automotive industry", but also in other industries such as shoe uppers, soles or leather products that use this method to make leather and leather stick together. The principle of high-frequency welding is that the material to be welded is treated with high-frequency alternating current, and strong molecular movements are induced in the non-conductor to generate heat energy to reach the required temperature for welding.

  Compared with other heating methods, the gas advantage is that the temperature rise is first generated inside the material, for when heated from the outside, it often takes a long time to conduct the heat to the required parts, especially when processing poor thermal conductivity of the material, leather belongs to such substances. Therefore, the method of heating from the outside takes a long time, and the heat loss is large, and it must also be a layered heating, as a result of which there is a danger that the temperature difference between the inner and outer layers will always be hotter than the reaction area, thus causing damage to the quality of the outer layer.

  High-frequency current is used for welding or embossing problems in the shoe and leather products industry. High-frequency welding is used for two components: synthetics and synthetics, leather and synthetics. When the temperature rises, the thermoplastic component will soften and then combine with another thermoplastic or non-thermoplastic material without adding additives, and the meaning of welding is literally the fusion of two thermoplastic bodies.

  High frequency machine: Using high frequency switching technology, high frequency machine inverter frequency is generally above 20kHz. The direction of UPS development is high-frequency, miniaturization, intelligence and green. Because miniaturization can save investment, improve efficiency, save space and so on. The premise of miniaturization is high-frequency, only high-frequency to achieve miniaturization. The first goal of miniaturization is to eliminate the input/output isolation transformer. Previously, due to technical, device and material reasons, to the UPS added input / output isolation transformer, making the product bulky, poor performance, energy consumption and expensive. Later, due to the introduction of new devices, the United States in 1980 by the IPM company first launched a new program successfully eliminated the input isolation transformer, in recent years due to the further development and maturity of technology, the introduction of a half-bridge inverter conversion program, and successfully eliminated the output isolation transformer, so that the UPS performance has been greatly improved, which is what people call high-frequency machine, which further makes the UPS reduced size, improved performance, reduced weight, improved efficiency, reduced costs and improved reliability. So most of the well-known international companies have abandoned the production of UPS with output isolation transformer.

  High-frequency leather embossing machine is mainly used for PVC, PET, PETG, EVA, AGA, APET, PU, TPU or PVC content of 20% or more of any soft and hard plastic plastic materials, as well as leather, leather, fabric, composite plastic plastic, mirror leather, artificial leather, composite leather, composite fabric, including for other special purposes such as product materials can be produced and processed, processing Processes include: welding, heat bonding, sealing, embossing, fusing, fusing, etc. We can also emboss polyester, hydrogen, cotton, flocked fabric, woolen sweater and denim. Specifically as follows.

1、Shoe, hat, vintage leather: shoe upper embossing, shoe sole welding, shoe insole embossing, shoe insole welding, hat embossing, soft film ceiling embossing

2、Ornament toy stationery category: crafts welding, jewelry welding, gift packaging, toy welding, toy packaging, toy welding, toy embossing

3、Leather leather luggage category: leather welding, leather embossing, leather welding, leather welding, luggage embossing, towel embossing, leather embossing

4、Doormat and carpet: PVC doormat embossing, doormat welding, plastic doormat embossing, carpet embossing, floor mat welding, foot mat embossing

5, plastic packaging sealing class: plastic welding, bag welding sealing, plastic welding, PVC packaging bags, hot water bags, electrical blister packaging

6, medical supplies and appliances: disposable gift packaging, catheterization bags, catheterization bags, extracorporeal drainage bags, emergency ambulance stretchers, PVC oxygen masks

7、Automobile interior products: gift packaging, car door panels, steering wheel covers, anti-crystal lattice welding, reflective sticker welding, reflective film welding

8、Welding other products: tent welding fusion welding, canvas welding membrane structure welding, flexible film ceiling welding, gift packaging skirt welding